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Administrator of the Year and Graduation Banquet

The Administrator of the Year award of the Romney Institute of Public Management is one of the most esteem recognitions given to a person who represents the values of our mission statement: “to prepare leaders of exceptional capability and integrity who are committed to serving their communities and improving public service organizations.”

This year the Honorable Sheila C. Bair, former FDIC Chairman, will be honored. You can find an interesting article by The Washigton post about her:

" Sheila Bair is one of seven recipients of the 2011 Top American Leaders awards, bestowed by The Washington Post’s On Leadership section and the Harvard Kennedy School's Center for Public Leadership (..)  recipients were chosen by a selection committee convened by the Center for Public Leadership, and honored at Ford’s Theatre on December 5, 2011."

The last day to sign up is March 16th . You will find a link to register below.

At this event, the Department is  also honoring graduating students! This is a remarkable moment for those who have entered to learn and now will go to serve. Le'ts all of us attend and treasure this especial ocassion of our  lives together!  

Graduating Students-  

The department is covering the cost of your meal. If you want to bring a guest you will be charged $10.

1st Years soon to be 2nd years :)

The cost is $10 for you and another $10 if you decide to bring a guest. (Please, come and enjoy this event with us!! We will miss you!!)


Date: March 29, 2012

Time: Reception 6:00pm; Dinner 6:30pm

Place: Hinckley Center Assembly Hall




We hope to see you there!


Sheila C. Bair

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